I felt a rush of adrenaline

This week my husband and I have been easing up on coffee and I have been cultivating my inner and natural sources of energy. Decreasing coffee helped because I felt very energetic and had new highs of inspiration. I also was able to mindfully experience a rush of adrenaline and learned a lot from it.

I was teaching yoga on Wednesday evening adult class, we had all just opened our eyes from meditation, when we heard a huge collision between two cars and a biker beneath the studio window. It really changed the energy of the class! We went back into meditation this time focusing on healing energy, light, love, connection, serendipitous support, quick response and more to the scene of the accident below us, using the mantra "everything will be alright." We proceeded to warm up our wrists and establish our foundation for yoga movement as the ambulance sirens and emergency lights flooded our candle-lit studio, on the scene in record time. I felt the rush of adrenaline. On the surface my voice was calm, as was everyone else, proceeding with the class, but I could feel my adrenals (walnut sized gland on top of the kidneys) release a load of adrenaline and cortisol that went rushing down my limbs and trembling my wrist and hands slightly.

This is the same reaction that coffee elicits from the body. Remember that as you find the right amount of moderation in coffee for your new, healthier baseline. Your adrenals don't discern whether it is coffee or whether it is a honking, blaring ambulance at the scene of a major car accident. You don't want to wipe yourself out through excess taxation on the adrenals. Coffee may be a short-term energy loan but it has a very high interest rate and cumulatively results in exhaustion.

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